I find it absolutely appalling

I find it absolutely appalling that approximately 60 million voters thought it was all right to vote for a man who continuously shows no tolerance or respect for women, minorities, and other major portions of our population. The evidence of his negative behavior has been well documented. Whether you are a Democrat, a Republican, or anything else, the election of Donald Trump to be our president should be an outrage to all citizens that possess even the smallest amount of moral or ethical conscience.

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She explained further in another caption: ‘Each piece helps clear unexploded ordnance, making land safe and providing new metal to artisans. Article22 began working with a village in Laos in 2009, that now has 15 families, husbands and wives making Peacebomb jewellery. Peacebomb, its first collection, is handcrafted in Laos from Vietnam War shrapnel.

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It’s more than just the entertainment and it’s more than. Two guys that want to sort of blow off some steam sometimes. There’s [an] underlying respect between players and opposing players and teams. Who do you look up to musically? At the moment, I really digging Florence and the Machine. Do you have a stage persona? Not really, but when I onstage there a little more fist pumping. Summer getaway? Mexico.

We can learn from history though, and think twice before tearing down perfectly good historic buildings in the future just to replace them with the thing that is the latest fad. I’ve got a really neat old house on an acreage (made out of historical Mason City Clay Brick from which our town’s namesake stems from). The house is in poor shape, and needs everything.
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