Online Public Relations

Online Public Relations describes all media and PR activities undertaken in or through the internet to reach the target groups. Whilst classical PR cannot guarantee publication, online PR significantly increases the distribution of information and can directly influence a publication.


  • Direct communication with the target group
  • QuantifiableA� success (online hits, page impressions)
  • Guaranteed publication
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  • Communication is not filtered: transmission of authentic messages


Online PR expands the opportunities of your general public relations towards the interactive space. It builds a straight connection to your target audience. Multimedia content on business websites, in newsletters and eMails are interwoven and deliver a unique news value to the addressee.

Our work for you:
echopress develops creative web specific PR concepts, well targeted, multimedia-based with the right hook for online media. The foundation for online activities is well grounded knowledge in traditional PR. Our individual contacts to online and print journalists enable you an effetive and targeted presentation in online media.

Overview on our services:

  • preparation of topics for e-mails and newsletters
  • Searchengine marketing (SEM)
  • search for blog entries and their processing
  • research and compilation of a customized media mailing list
  • sending of press releases via e-mail
  • Continuous re-requests to our media partners (via phone and e-mail)
  • detailed documentation
  • Online PR for websites
  • Online event promotion
  • Publication of image and sound carriers

Depending on target audience and contract volume we further recommend the following:

  • Action and cooperation marketing
  • research and compilation of a customized media mailing list with potential partners
  • Registration of actions in adequate specialized search engines and web catalogues
  • Link exchange and affiliate programs