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. "What we realized is that this is a good
cheap jerseys china viagra austria. strategy not only for our drainage but in light of sea level rise," said Earl King, assistant utilities director in Hallandale Beach. Some communities farther north are beginning to assess the impact of rising seas
cheap jerseys while considering ways to protect existing buildings and shift new development to higher ground. "As we build for the future, we have to take sea level rise into account and fortify existing infrastructure, such as wells and water facilities," said Palm Beach County Commissioner Steven Abrams. "And we might need more frequent beach re nourishment." Satellite Beach, sitting on a barrier island along the Space Coast, cannot protect itself behind dikes or sea walls because water would seep through the porous limestone beneath it. The city eventually may have to abandon some homes along the oceanfront and move toward multi family housing complexes on higher ground, said John Fergus, a member of
cheap nfl jerseys china the city’s planning advisory board. "People

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