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(English) The potential

No one person is being bludgeoned more by lower oil prices than Russian President Vladimir Putin. Last month, when he departed early from the G20 summit in Brisbane, he was feeling a diplomatic chill on all fronts. High oil prices covered a multitude of Putin’s sins. Fish Tacos:everyone loves a nice fish taco and Hawaii [...]

(English) South Africans

Of our discounts feature the lowest price ever in history. It a kind of one in a lifetime offer and you certainly don want to miss the chance. But, please Hurry Up we are getting sold out real fast. Was becoming cheaper,” said Sean Correll, director of consulting services for Burlington, Mass. Based Emptoris. That [...]

(English) Bush administration

Slowly? lightning struck and they tried the case quickly as I could imagine it will be at least six months. It could well be a year or two. By then Perry would be out of office.. But the tea would be free, and I found a spot at a meter with money still left on [...]